2001 Yamaha YZF-R1 Racing Kit Manual

Complete Racing Kit Manual for the Yamaha YZF-R1. Production model years 2001.

Racing Kit Manual Contains:
1 Engine Specifications
2 Kit Parts
2-1 Installing Engine Parts
1. Maintenance Set (14B-MAINT-72)
2. Spark Plug Set (14B-R465B-70)
3. Head-gasket, Cylinder Gasket
4. Piston Set (14B-116A0-70)
5. Connecting Rod Set (14B-1165B-70)
6. Crankshaft (14B-11400-70)
7. High-lift Camshafts
8. Valve Spring Set (14B-A2110-72)
9. Air Funnel Set A (MGC-021008-10)
10. Air Funnel Set B (MGC-021008-20)
11. Throttle Body Clamp Set (14B-1351A-70)
12. AIS-plug Set (5VY-A4890-70)
13. Clutch Spring Set (4B1-A6330-70)
14. Slipper Clutch Setting Set (4C8-A6377-70)
15. Transmission Gear
16. Mission Maintenance Set (14B-A7000-70)
17. Drive Sprockets
18. Sprocket Nut Set (4C8-A7463-70)
2-2 Installing Chassis Parts
19. Oil Catcher Tank Set (14B-C1707-70)
20. Shock Absorber Rear (14B-22210-70)
21. Spring Rear Shock
22. Machine Height Adjustment Shim Set (14B-C2127-70)
23. Front Fork ASSY
24. Spring Front Fork
25. Seat Cushion (13S-24713-70)
26. Front Spare Wheel ASS’Y (4C8-25100-70)
27. Rear Spare Wheel ASS’Y (4C8-25300-70)
28. Throttle Set (14B-C6300-70)
29. Throttle Set (14B-C6300-80)
30. Tube Guide (5VY-26243-80)
2-3 Installing Electrical Parts
31. ECU Set (14B-8591A-72)
32. Cable Interface (13S-8533A-70)
33. Wire Harness Set (14B-F2590-70)
34. Headlight Harness Set (14B-F4350-71)
35. ACM Set (14B-F1400-70)
3 Tightening Torque List
4 Headlight Cord Wiring Diagram
5 YZF-R1 Wiring Diagram


Model Specification: Yamaha YZF-R1
Total Pages: 92
Language: English
File Format: PDF
Requirements: Adobe PDF Reader


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