Gehl 521 Wheel Loader Operator's Manual

This is the COMPLETE Operator’s Manual for the Gehl 521 Wheel Loader.

This Manual Describes Procedures for Operation, Handling, Lubrication, Maintenance, Checking, and Adjustment. It Will Help The Operator or anyone Realize Peak Performance Through Effective, Economical and Safe Machine Operation and Maintenance.

Operator’s Manual Contains:
Notes on this operation manual
Vehicle overview
Brief description
Hydrostatic drive
Work hydraulics and hydrostatic four wheel steering
Cooling system
Fields of application
Vehicle data
Vehicle model/version:
Serial number:
Commissioning/date of registration:
Service hours/kilometre reading:
Cab number:
Engine number:
Hydraulic pump
Variable displacement pump model – identification number:
Hydraulic motor
variable displacement motor model – identification no.:
Front axle number:
Rear axle number:
Gearbox number:
Optional implements:
Your local dealer
Page left intentionally blank
Type labels and component numbers
Other Signs and symbols
on the outside of the vehicle
inside the operator’s compartment
Safety instructions
Safety instructions
Identification of warnings and dangers
Designated use and exemption from liability
General conduct and safety instructions
Organizational measures
Selection and qualification of personnel, basic responsibilities
Safety instructions regarding operation
Normal operation
Applications with lifting accessories
Trailers and implements
Safety instructions for maintenance
Warning of special hazards
Electric energy
Gas, dust, steam, smoke
Hydraulic equipment
Oil, grease and other chemical substances
Overview of cab
Overview: switches, levers and consoles
Taking into service
Safety instructions
Taking the vehicle into service for the first time
Important information
Running-in period
Start-up checklist
Operation checklist
Parking checklist
Driving the vehicle
Overview of control elements
Preheating start switch [76]
Drive range selector [77]
Driving direction tip switch [72/75]
Accelerator pedal [25]
Manual throttle lever [71] (option)
Brake/inching pedal [27]
Control lever [84] – low-speed control (option)
Parking brake [24]
Multifunctional lever [26]
Overview Telltales and warning lights
Before starting the engine
Start the engine
Starting at temperatures below 0 °C
When the engine has started
Connecting the oil preheater (option)
Fuel preheater (Not available)
Jump-starting the vehicle
Starting the engine with starting aid (supply battery)
Before moving off
Special instructions for driving on public roads
Preparing the vehicle for driving on public roads
Before moving off:
Inspection of important functional units
Moving off
Gear shift
Selecting the drive range
High speed (option)
Changing direction
Backup warning system (option)
Load stabiliser.
Differential lock
Engaging differential lock
Switching off the differential lock
Synchronising the steering
Changing steering mode in vehicles without high speed option
Changing steering mode in vehicles with high speed option
Stop the vehicle
Parking the vehicle
Light system
Signalling system
Cabheating and ventilation
Front window heater (option)
Air conditioning (option)
Auxiliary heating (option)
Remedy for malfunction:
Washer system
Seat adjustment
Weight setting
Height setting
Armrest setting
Backrest setting
Longitudinal setting
Seat belt
Vehicle doors
Other controls
Tank lock
Engine cover
Battery master switch (option)
Towing the vehicle
Safety instructions
Handling the vehicle with a crane
Safety instructions
Crane handling
Loading and transporting the vehicle
Safety instructions
Loading the vehicle
Lashing down the vehicle
Working with the vehicle
General safety instructions
Load diagram
Control valve of the loader unit: overview
Control lever for hydraulics of lift and tilt ram of loader unit
Tip switch on control lever
Control lever for implements and 3rd control circuit
Securing control levers for driving on public roads
3rd electrically operated control circuit (option)
Lowering the loader unit with the engine switched off
Depressurising the quick couplers on the loader unit
Connecting pressurised quick couplers
Re-equipping the loader unit
Fitting implements onto the quickhitch facility
Taking an implement off the quickhitch facility
Connection of electrically operated implements (option)
Operation of the restrictor unit on the tilt ram (option)
Safety equipment “Hose burst valve” (option)
Working with standard bucket and pallet forks..
Standard bucket
Working with pallet forks
Engine trouble
Fuel system
Specific safety instructions
Stationary fuel pumps
Specification for diesel fuel
Cleaning the fuel tank
Changing the fuel filter
Cleaning the screen filter of the fuel pump
Changing the leak oil line
Engine lubrication system
Checking the oil level
Filling in engine oil
Changing the engine oil
Changing the engine oil filter cartridge
Engine and hydraulics cooling system
Specific safety instructions
Engine oil cooler
Hydraulic oil cooler
Air filter
Functional check of the dust valve
Replacing the filter cartridge
Checking the V-belt tension
Retightening the V-belt
Hydraulic system
Specific safety instructions
Hydraulic oil level
Checking the oil level
Topping up hydraulic oil
Changing the hydraulic oil
Important information for the use of biodegradable oil
Hydraulic oil reflux filter
Changing the filter insert
Changing the breather filter
Hydraulic pressure lines
Specific safety instructions
Gearboxes and axles
Rear axle gearbox
Checking/topping up the oil level in the rear axle gearbox
Changing the gearbox oil
Rear axle differential
Checking/topping up the oil level in the rear axle gearbox
Changing the oil
Front axle differential
Checking/topping up the oil level
Changing oil
Front and rear axle planetary drives.
Checking/topping up the oil level
Changing the oil
Lubricating planetary drive bearings
Lubricating the rear axle oscillation-type bearing
Loader unit
Lubricating the pivots on the loader unit
Tyre care
Inspection work
Daily checks
Checks every week
Wheel change
Removing the wheels
Fitting the wheels
Cleaning the dust filter of the heating system
Electrical system
Specific safety instructions
Service and maintenance work at regular intervals.
Instructions concerning specific components
Cables, bulbs and fuses
General maintenance work..
General instructions for all areas of the vehicle
Inside of operator compartment
Exterior of the vehicle
Engine compartment
Screw connections
Pivots and hinges
Engine fluids and lubricants
Service kits
Proofs of maintenance
Proofs of maintenance
Maintenance plan (overview)
Maintenance label
valid for model 521
Helpful information for using the spare parts list
Helpful information for using the spare parts list
Composition of spare parts list
Group overview
Number index
Symbols and abbreviations
Description of symbols
Indication of position
Language codes
Colour codes
Vehicle data
Helpful information for ordering spare parts
Order information
Address for your spare part order
Power train.
Work hydraulics
Pilot control
Loader unit
Electrical system
Noise levels
Coolant compound table
Tightening torques
General tightening torques
Specific tightening torques
Hydraulics diagram (options)
Hydraulics diagram
valid for model 521
Legend – wiring diagram
Wiring diagram
Wiring diagram legend – options
Wiring diagram – option


** Model Specification: Gehl 521 Wheel Loader
** Language: English
** Total Pages: 218
** File Format: PDF
** Requirements: Adobe PDF Reader
** Compatible: All Versions of Windows & Mac, Linux OS, Iphone, Ipad, Android etc…


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