JCB Fastrac 2155, 2170 Operator's Manual (from serial number 742000)

This is the COMPLETE Operator’s Manual for the JCB Fastrac 2155, 2170.

from serial number 742000

This Manual Describes Procedures for Operation, Handling, Lubrication, Maintenance, Checking, and Adjustment. It Will Help The Operator or anyone Realize Peak Performance Through Effective, Economical and Safe Machine Operation and Maintenance.

Models Covered:
JCB Fastrac 2155
JCB Fastrac 2170

Operator’s Manual Contains:
Safety Notices
Important Information
The Operator Manual
Safety Warnings
About this Manual
Machine Models and Serial Numbers
Using this Manual
Units of Measurement
Left Side, Right Side
Cross References
Using the Machine
Optional Equipment
The JCB Fastrac
Safety First
Safety – Yours and Others
Safety Check List
General Safety
Operating Safety
Maintenance Safety
Safety Decals
Safety Decal Recognition
Identifying your Machine
Serial Number Plate
Before Entering the Cab
Entering and Leaving the Cab – Doors and Windows
Opening and Closing the Doors
Opening and Closing the Windows
Cab Layout – 2155 and 2170
Cab Layout – 2155 Plus and 2170 Plus
Suspension Seat (Standard)
Heated Suspension Seat (Optional)
Seat Belts
Fasten the Seat Belt
Check the Seat Belt is Operating Correctly
Release the Seat Belt
Drive Controls, Switches and Instruments
Steering Column Adjustment
Front Console
Steering Column Multi-Purpose Switch
Right Hand Switch Panel
Rear Switch Panel
Instrument Cluster
Warnings (Audible/Visual)
Warnings (Visual only)
Instrument Cluster Programming
System Error Codes
Wheel Slip
Air Conditioning and Heater Controls
Cab Interior Light
Safety Equipment
Transport Locks
Transport Lock – Plus Models
Before Starting the Engine
Starting the Engine
Normal Starting
Cold Starting
Testing the Park Brake
Preparing for Travel
Before Travelling on Public Roads
Getting the Machine Moving
Utilisation of Gears
General Precautions
Four Wheel Drive and Differential Lock
Field Speed Control
Four Wheel Steering (4WS)
Stopping and Parking the Machine
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) (if fitted)
Using the Machine and Site Safety
Safety Must Come First
Operating Environment
Operating in High Temperatures
Operating in Low Temperatures
Working with your Machine
Rear Electronic Linkage Control
Rear 3-point Linkage Mechanical Connections and Adjustment
Front 3-point Linkage – Mechanical Connections and Adjustment
External Hydraulics – Manual Spool Valve
External Hydraulics – Plus Models
External Hydraulics – All Models
Quick Release Couplings
Drawbars and Hitches
Connecting Trailer Brakes
Independent Power Take-off (PTO)
Automatic Trailer Coupling
Moving a Disabled Machine
Limp Home Mode
Preparation for Towing
Transporting the Machine
Routine Maintenance
Service Requirements
Owner/Operator Support
Service/Maintenance Agreements.
Initial Service and Inspection (100 Hours)
Obtaining Replacement Parts
Health and Safety
First Aid – Electrolyte
Service Schedules
How to Use the Service Schedules
Service Schedule Tables
Fluid, Lubricants and Capacities
Coolant Mixtures
Cleaning the Machine
Checking for Damage
Seat Belt
Checking the ROPS Structure
Engine Cover
Opening the Engine Cover
Closing the Engine Cover
Propshafts and PTO Drive Shafts
Steering Swivels
Rear Anti-roll Bar Ball Joints
Rear Suspension Cylinder Pivots
Front 3-Point Linkage
Hydraulic Lift and 3-Point Linkage
Rear PTO Drive Shaft Bearing
Automatic Trailer Coupling (if fitted)
Roller Drawbar (If fitted)
Air Conditioning and Heater
Air Conditioning Filters
Cleaning the Heater Filter
Checking the Foot Brake Fluid Level
Checking the Trailer Air Tank
Checking the Air Tank Warning Lights
Checking and Renewing Foot Brake Pads
Checking the Park Brake Pads
Jump-starting the Engine
Checking the Beam Alignment
Relay Identification
Changing the Air Filter Elements
Checking the Oil Level
Changing the Oil and Filter
Checking the Coolant Level
Draining and Refilling the Coolant
Cleaning the Radiator and Coolers
Fan Belt
Fuel System
Types of Fuel
Filling the Tank
Draining the Fuel Pre-Filter
Changing the Fuel Pre-Filter Element
Changing the Fuel Filter Element
Bleeding the Fuel System
Hydraulic System
Checking the Fluid Level
Changing the Filter Element
Changing the Hydraulic Fluid and Cleaning the Suction Strainers
Coupling Drains
Checking the Gearbox Oil Level
Changing the Gearbox Oil and Suction Strainer
Changing the Transmission Oil Filter
Front PTO Transfer Gearbox (Optional)
Front Axle
Rear Axle – 2WS
Rear Axle – 4WS (Optional)
Tyres and Wheels
Tyre Inflation
Checking Wheel Nut Torques
Adjustable Track Width
Lock Stops
Checking and Adjusting the Wheel Alignment
Fender Adjustment
Windscreen Washer
Checking Fluid Level
Automatic Trailer Coupling (Optional)
Checking for Wear
Static Dimensions
Weights and Loads
Unladen Weights
Load Capacities
Laden Weights
Pressures, Speeds and Loads
Maximum Travel Speeds in all Gear Ratios
General Information
Machine Service Record Sheet
Registration Information


** Model Specification: JCB Fastrac 2155, 2170
** Language: English
** Total Pages: 256
** File Format: PDF
** Requirements: Adobe PDF Reader
** Compatible: All Versions of Windows & Mac, Linux OS, Iphone, Ipad, Android etc…


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