Linde E25S, E30S Electric Lift Truck Series 336-03 with Three-Phase Current Drive

This is the COMPLETE Service Training Manual for the Linde E25S, E30S Electric Lift Truck Series 336-03 with Three-Phase Current Drive (Panorama Version included). This manual provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications. it has been prepared as an aid to improve the quality of repairs by giving the operator an accurate understanding of the product and by showing him the correct way to perform repairs and make judgements. YOU CAN DO THE REPAIRS YOURSELF AND SAVE MONEY $$$

Service Training Manual Contains:
1 Drive motor
1.2 Drive axle
1.3 Traction motor
1.3.1 Traction motor disassembly
1.4 Checking of three-phase motor
1.4.1 Visual check
1.4.2 Checking during operation
1.4.3 Winding measurements of Stator
1.4.4 Insulation test
1.4.5 Rotor test
1.5 Terminals
1.6 Cleaning
1.7 Thermal sensor
1.8 Speed sensor
1.9 Assembly of drive units
2 Drive gearbox
2.1 Planetary gear GR3E-04
2.1.1 Renewing the radial shaft sealing ring
2.1.2 Oil level check and oil change
2.1.3 Disassembly and assembly of the traction motor
3 Truck design
3.1 Seat switch
3.1.1 Replacement of seat switch
3.2 Driver’s cabin
3.2.1 Torsional leaf springs Mounting and dismounting the leaf springs
3.2.2 Setting instructions of overhead guard drive
4 Steering system
4.1 Steering axle
4.1.1 Steering axle removal
4.1.2 Disassembly of the steering cylinder and track rod link
4.1.3 Renewing the steering cylinder seals
4.1.4 Renewing the wheel hub tapered roller bearings ring
4.1.5 Renewing the axle body tapered roller bearings and wipers
4.1.6 Installing the steering cylinder and track rod link
4.1.7 Installing the steering axle
4.2 Servostat
4.2.1 Steering control valve with inductive Sensor
4.3 Renewing of steering position potentiometer
5 Controls
5.1 Travel control
5.1.1 Truck speed controller Adjustment of the pedal stop screws
5.1.2 Single-pedal direction switch
5.2 Braking
5.2.1 Renewing the brake linings
5.2.2 Adjusting the foot brake
5.2.3 Adjusting the hand brake
6 Electrical equipment
6.1 Introduction
6.2 General
6.2.1 Operating principle of three-phase current drive
6.2.2 EMC – Electro Magnetic Compatibility
6.3 Power units
6.3.1 General information
6.3.2 Power unit
6.4 Connector positions
6.5 Fuses
6.6 Control circuit
6.6.1 General information
6.6.2 Pin assignment of connector X13
6.6.3 Traction function Charging of the capacitors in the intermediate circuits Discharging of the capacitors in the intermediate circuits Enabling signal Supply voltage for accelerator and steering sensor Accelerator Single-pedal switch Steering sensor Hand brake switch Stop pedal switch Switch-controlled speed reduction Truck coding Relay drivers Panorama truck
6.6.4 Working hydraulics function Joystick signals Valve activation Switch-controlled speed reduction Reduction of lifting speed with low battery charge Sensor 3B1 steering control valve
6.7 Software versions series 336 -03
6.8 Truck diagnosis
6.8.1 Traction window Status Information Information and fault messages Stored fault numbers Description of operator error Overall fault memory Clearing the overall fault memory Switch inputs Switch outputs General analog signals Analog signals related to the traction motors Temperature signals Setting of general parameters of the truck Setting of special truck parameters Display of controller information Calibration of accelerator pedal neutral position Calibration of steering end stops Panorama truck diagnosis Window
6.8.2 Fault codes – traction Summary of faults (LDC50C00) Description of faults (LDC50C00)
6.8.3 Fault codes – traction, Panorama trucks Summary of faults (LDC50C02) Fault description (LDC50C02)
6.8.4 Windows displaying information about the working hydraulics Status Informationen Current information and fault messages Stored fault numbers Fault memory – operator errors Overall fault memory Clearing the fault memory Switch inputs Switch outputs Analog signals Analog signals for the working functions Setting of parameters for auxiliary hydraulics Adjustment of parameters for lifting/ lowering and tilting Switch-controlled working speeds Adjustment of discharged battery parameter Calibration of Joystick 1 Calibration of Joystick 2 Depressurising the hydraulic system Switch off pump motor
6.8.5 Fault codes – working hydraulics Summary of faults (LDC50C50) Fault description (LDC50C50)
6.9 Composite instrument
6.9.1 Description
6.9.2 Display messages
6.9.3 Programming of the composite instrument
6.9.4 Battery discharge indicator
6.9.5 Programming of the composite instrument with the diagnostic instrument
6.9.6 Diagnosis of the composite instrument with the Truck doctor diagnostic software
6.10 Circuit diagrams
6.10.1 E25/30 S
6.10.2 E 25/30 S Panorama version
6.11 Window structure for the controllers
7 Hydraulic system
7.1 Functional description of the working hydraulics
7.2 Pump unit
7.2.1 Pump motor Pump unit assembly Pump motor disassembly Terminals Thermal sensor Speed sensor
7.3 Circuit diagram of working hydraulics
7.4 Emergency lowering functions of the working hydraulics
7.4.1 Manual tilting of lift mast
7.4.2 Manual lowering of the fork carrier
7.5 Control valve
7.5.1 Functional description of the control valve
7.5.2 Depressurising of the working hydraulics
7.5.3 Repair work at the valve block Replacing the valve cartridge of safety valve 2Y9/2Y10 Replacing the valve coil of ’tilting / additional hydraulic system 2Y3 to 2Y8′ Replacing the valve coil of ‘lifting / lowering 2Y1 / 2Y2’ replacing the brake valve Replacing the valve coil of 2Y9/2Y10 Setting the pressure relief valve
7.6 Replacing the micro-filter
7.7 Troubleshooting control valve
8 Lift mast
8.1 Mounting and dismounting the lift mast
8.2 Limit position damping
8.3 Dismounting, mounting the outer lift cylinders
8.4 Dismounting, mounting the center lift cylinder
8.5 Sealing the lift cylinder
8.6 Setting of mast chain
8.7 Setting the roller clearance
8.7.1 Outer, inner and center mast roller clearance
8.7.2 Outer mast clearance
8.8 Sliders
8.8.1 Dismounting the slider of the standard mast
8.8.2 Dismounting the slider of the duplex mast
8.8.3 Dismounting the slider of the triplex mast
8.9 Tilt cylinder
8.9.1 Dismounting the tilt cylinder
8.9.2 Sealing the tilt cylinder
8.9.3 Setting the tilt angle
9 Special equipment
9.1 Electric special equipment
9.1.1 Installation positions of the working lights
9.1.2 Console of the special equipment
9.1.3 Converters
9.1.4 Fuses
9.1.5 Working lights and lighting system
9.1.6 Electric heating unit
9.1.7 Circuit diagram special equipment
9.1.8 Circuit diagram special equipment switchable


** Model Specification: Linde E25S, E30S Electric Lift Truck Series 336-03 with Three-Phase Current Drive (Panorama Version included)
** Language: English
** Total Pages: 266
** File Format: PDF
** Requirements: Adobe PDF Reader
** Compatible: All Versions of Windows & Mac, Linux OS, Iphone, Ipad, Android etc…


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