This is the COMPLETE Service Training Manual for the Linde IC-Engined Fork Truck Type 352: H35/40/45 D/T, H35/40/45 D-02, H35/40/45 D-03/T-03, H35/40/45 D-04/T-04. This manual provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications. it has been prepared as an aid to improve the quality of repairs by giving the operator an accurate understanding of the product and by showing him the correct way to perform repairs and make judgements. YOU CAN DO THE REPAIRS YOURSELF AND SAVE MONEY $$$

Covered models:

Service Training Manual Contains:
3.1 Engine
3.1.1 Engine specifications (Diesel)
3.1.2 Explanation of the engine number
3.1.3 Renewing and tightening the V-belt
3.1.4 Adjusting the valve clearance Valve clearance adjustment schematic
3.1.5 Cylinder head Removing the cylinder head Installing the cylinder head
3.1.6 Enginetiming and tightening torques
3.1.7 Injection nozzles Removing and installing the injection nozzles, parts list AA 80247/AG 80757 Removing and installing the injection nozzles, parts list AP 80975 Repairing the injection nozzles
3.1.8 Fuel injection pump Removing and installing the fuel injection pump, version with begin of delivery mark on pumpflange Removing and installing the fuel injection pump, version with adjusting pin (pin timing)
3.1.9 Fuel injection pump
3.1.10 Special tools
3.2 Hydrostatic transmission
3.2.1 Schematic diagram of the drive unit
3.2.2 Travel drive specifications
3.2.3 Hydraulic circuit schematic Hydraulic circuit schematic Type 352 -03
3.2.4 Description of the hydrostatic travel drive
3.2.5 Flushing of the variable displacement pump and drive axle
3.2.6 Power limiter and anti stall device
3.2.7 Engine lock-out logic – reversing lock
3.2.8 Oil reservoir
3.2.9 Hydraulic remote control unit, HPV 130
3.2.10 Hydraulic remote control unit, HPV 135 -02
3.2.10,1 Valve adjustment on HPV 135 -02
3.3 Working hydraulic system
3.3.1 Circuit diagram of working hydraulic system
3.3.2 Description of the working hydraulic system
3.4 Wiring diagram
3.4.1 Wiring diagram for Diesel model
3.4.2 Wiring diagram for diesel model type 352 -03, standard equipment
3.4.3 Wiring diagram for diesel model type 352 -03, options
3.5 Checks and adjustments
3.5.1 Travel pedals
3.5.2 Brake pedal
3.5.3 Bowden cable for parking brake
3.5.4 Average wheel speed
3.5.5 Speed control for Diesel model
3.5.6 Start of drive wheel rotation
3.5.7 Brake shaft at travel control unit
3.5.8 Symmetry of the travel control Drive wheel start of rotation Engine speed increase
3.5.9 Pressure difference Ap
3.5.10 Reversing lock
3.5.11 Hydraulic neutral position
3.5.12 Sealing the wheel shaft
3.6 Troubleshooting
3.6.1 Line layout for trouble shooting
3.6.2 Aids and tools for measurements
3.6.3 Remarks to trouble shooting
3.6.4 Engine hydraulic speed control Functional test Troubleshooting
3.6.5 Hydraulic brake system Functional test Troubleshooting
3.6.6 Power assissted steering Trouble shooting without measuring boost and maximum pressure Trouble shooting with measurement of boost and maximum pressure
3.6.7 Equal pressure and start of control
3.6.8 Hydrostatic travel drive
3.7 LPG model of IC-Engined fork truck H 35/40/45, type 352
3.7.1 Engine Perkins G4.236 Engine LPG installation Electronic speed control Checks and adjustments Troubleshooting
3.7.2 Engine Perkins 1004-40 S Engine Electrical system LPG system Electronic speed control Troubleshooting Mechanical ignition timing
3.8 Drive axle AH 45-02 for model H 35/40/45 D-04/T-04
3.8.1 Drive axle AH 45 -02 with hub reduction gearbox, disc brake and hydraulic motor
3.8.2 Repairing the reduction gearbox Reduction gearbox assembly (planetary hub reduction gearbox) Renewing radial seal ring of planetary hub reduction gearbox Removal and Installation of multiple disc brake and hydraulic motor and swashplate


** Model Specification: Linde IC-Engined Fork Truck Type 352: H35/40/45 D/T, H35/40/45 D-02, H35/40/45 D-03/T-03, H35/40/45 D-04/T-04
** Language: English
** Total Pages: 232
** File Format: PDF
** Requirements: Adobe PDF Reader
** Compatible: All Versions of Windows & Mac, Linux OS, Iphone, Ipad, Android etc…


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