Linde L10AC, L12AC, L16AC Pallet Truck 375 Series Operating Instructions

This is the COMPLETE Operating Instructions Manual for the Linde Pallet Truck Type 375; Models L10AC, L12AC, L16AC.

This Manual Describes Procedures for Operation, Handling, Lubrication, Maintenance, Checking, and Adjustment. it will help the operator or anyone Realize Peak Performance Through Effective, Economical and Safe Machine Operation and Maintenance.

Covered models:

Operating Instructions Manual Contains:
Authorised applications
Technical note
Truck takeover
Type plates
Table of contents
Technical data
Technical description
Frame, wheels and lift mast
Hydraulic system
General view
Controls and indicators
Composite instrument
Combined hour meter and
battery discharge indicator
Hour meter
Discharge indicator
Beginning operation
Safety rules
Important safety information
Handling fuels and lubricants
Accident prevention check
Operation of industrial trucks in the plant area
Running-in instructions
Checks before initial operation
Daily checks
Daily pre-operational checks and servicing
Checking the battery state of charge
Charging the battery
Connecting the battery to an external charger
Check the condition, electrolyte level and specific gravity of the battery
Battery change
Battery removal with a crane
Check the wheels for condition and unrestricted rotation
Checking the operation of the braking system
Checking the electromagnetic brake
Checking the reverse current brake
Checking the operation of the safety reverse button
Checking the operation of the horn
Checking the operation of the emergency stop button
Checking for possible leaks
Checking the operation of the steering
Starting up
Emergency stop button
Safety reverse button
Driving in the pedestrian mode
Forward travel
Reverse travel
Reversing the direction of travel
Driving in the stand-on mode
Forward travel
Reverse travel
Reversing the direction of travel
Braking, steering
Operating the electromagnetic brake
Operating the reverse current brake
Horn, fuses
Operating the horn
Removing the covers
Lifting device and attachments
Operating the lifting device
Tilting the mast forward
Tilting the mast back
Lifting the fork carriage
Lowering the fork carriage
Operation of attachments
Before lifting a load
Adjusting the fork spread
Transporting a load
Before leaving the lift truck unattended
Mast removal, hoisting operation 6
Mast removal
Hoisting the truck
Taking the truck out of operation
Measures before taking the truck out of operation .
Putting the truck back into operation
General information
Mast versions
Working on the mast and on the rear part of
the truck
Securing the mast against tilting back
Standard mast
Securing the raised standard mast
Duplex mast
Securing the raised duplex mast
Triplex mast
Securing the raised triplex mast
Simple mast
Securing the raised fork carriage on the simple mast
Inspection and maintenance chart
Services after the first 50 service hours
Inspection and maintenance as required
Clean the truck
Tighten the wheel nuts
Check the wheels for damage and foreign objects .
Clean and spray the lift chains
Renew the motor brushes
Renew the contactor tips .
250-hour inspection and maintenance
Check the hydraulic oil level
Check the hydraulic system for leaks
Lubricate the traction wheel bogie
Check the electric cables, connectors and connections for condition and security
Lubricate the lift mast and tilt cylinder pivots
500-hour inspection and maintenance
Clean the electronic control
Check the contactor tips
Check the motor brushes
Clean the electric motors and check the motor mounting
Check mechanical parts for security
Check the forks and fork quick-releases
Check the mast and lift chain for condition and mounting
Adjust the lift chain
Spray with chain spray
1000-hour inspection and maintenance
Renew the hydraulic oil reservoir breather filter.
Check the gearbox oil level
Check the braking system
Check the adjustment of the electromagnetic brake
Check the electromagnetic brake
Check the reverse current brake
2000-hour inspection and maintenance
Change the gearbox oil
Draining oil
Filling oil
3000-hour inspection and maintenance
Renew the hydraulic oil and suction filter
Inspection and maintenance data
Recommended oils and lubricants
Hydraulic oil
Gear oil
Battery grease
Chain spray
Troubleshooting guide
Wiring diagram (pedestrian mode)
Wiring diagram (stand-on and pedestrian mode)
Schematic for working hydraulics


** Model Specification: Linde L10AC, L12AC, L16AC Pallet Truck 375 Series
** Language: Francais, English, Deutsch
** Total Pages: 126
** File Format: PDF
** Requirements: Adobe PDF Reader
** Compatible: All Versions of Windows & Mac, Linux OS, Iphone, Ipad, Android etc…


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